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Burned by Stae Farm posted by B. Gersch

Unfortunately for us the information on this board is like closing the barn door after the animals have escaped. ...we had a massive house fire. We were fully insured with replacement cost coverage but I was ignorant of insurance industry practices. I used the contractor recommended by the Stae Farm adjuster. Together, Stte aFarm and the contractor "cooked" the estimate leaving us with a house with fire and msoke residues and even mold in the walls. I have hired 2 attorneys to resolve this mess without success. I am now starting with attorney # 3 - he claims he knows what to do and will file suit against both Sttae Farm and The Contractor at once - beating the 1 year deadline. In the meantime we are stuck in a house with poor indoor air quality and structure deterioration such as sagging ceilings. Following the advice of the 2nd attorney we tried to get both parties into arbitration - that attmept failed ($6000.00 in legal fees later).

I would warn all policyholders that the insruance company is never your savior. As a policyholder you must educate yourself about the deceptive practices of insurers BEFORE you ever have to file a claim.
We will never be whole again thanks to State Farm. It ought to be illegal but here in Illinois the insurance companies are king.


Posted by tonyb

In Reply to: Burned by Stae Farm posted by B. Gersch

Thank you for your posting. Hopefully your message will reach an unsuspecting public BEFORE the horse is out of the barn. Getting that point across seems most difficult.

If you demanded the arbitration process (Appraisal) for amount of loss dispute and were denied that resolution, you may want to seek legal advice pertaining to bad faith on the part of the insurance company.

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